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May the Fourth be with you...

It's a beautiful day here in Rapid City.

Temperatures are hovering around 70 degrees and the sun is shining. It's 10:23 am and I'm sitting in my home office, listening to birds chirp. Sage (my male Chihuahua) is sitting behind me in his favorite spot: squished between me and the back of my chair, resting on a bolster pillow. Stormy (the female) is stretched out by my feet.

We'll have some rain this weekend so I have some yardwork to complete, including the first mowing of the season, before then. 

In the past six months I have had precious little time to just sit here and take these experiences in. Working four jobs at approximately 60 hours a week meant sacrificing those moments of just 'being'. Being present, being aware, being contemplative. I won't have too many of these moments either for the next six months, so when they happen it's a blissful and energetic feeling.

Last month I had the pleasure of welcoming my mom to the Black Hills, her first visit here. It was her birthday and she spent nearly a week with me and the dogs. We got to see all the sights - the Badlands, the monuments, Devil's Tower, Deadwood, Bear Butte and more. There was more that we didn't see, but hopefully she'll be back soon. As many of you know, my mother was recently widowed and is adjusting to a very new, very different life without my stepdad. She communicates with family almost daily and we've all had occasion to be together for different purposes in the past six months including being present for my stepdad's final days, his funeral at Arlington Cemetery in March, and my 50th birthday last December.

Arlington Cemetery

This year has really been one of remembrances and reminders of what is most meaningful to me and what I still wish to accomplish with my life. I still hope to spend more time this coming year with family and friends (see my previous blog) and dreaming of goals that I've had to shelve for a long time.

For years, I worked in the corporate sector. I always enjoyed the work I did, but I rarely enjoyed the environment I was in. I wasn't someone who aspired to be an entrepreneur from a young age. Rather, I was inspired to start my own business only recently in life. I know that, as a freelancer, I'm not going to get rich. I recently told someone that I'd likely be the 'working poor' all of my life, but at least I'll be doing work that I really love and that brings something positive to the lives of others.

You may not think that being a freelance writer, designer, social media manager, coach and author is a sensible way to earn a living. But if I can help people build deeper connections to others, either personally or professionally, then I feel truly rich in spirit.

For those of you who live and work in the Rapid City / Black Hills region, I encourage you to think about your life and your work in meaningful and innovative ways. If you would like help with rebranding, with marketing, with an updated resume or a new website, I hope you'll consider Evergreen Script Services. I'm happy to meet with any potential client to see if I can be of service, or I can inspire you to develop and share your own stories. 

And if you live elsewhere, whether I've seen you recently or it has been many years, I hope that we can connect again soon. I'll try to include many of you on my future travels and perhaps, you just might decide to come visit me. My home is open to you.

Lisa at Bear Butte April 2018