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Where the Personal and Professional Journeys connect.

You might be wondering: why is this Blog posted under the page for 'Family and Friends' when this is a business website?

The reason is simple: I started a business only because I wanted to have a better life.

Not necessarily a more profitable life, or even an easier one. Simply a better life. I wanted one thing above all - to feel FREE - and this blog is my way to sharing the ways that owning a business have helped me feel more free and happy. At this moment in life, that means strengthening my bonds to family and to close friends. Nine months ago a member of my family passed away fairly suddenly from illness. It brought my family and I much closer together and, after many years of living away from family and pursuing my own interests and goals, I found myself longing more to be with those that I am closest to.

It's challenging, when you live half a continent or more away from your immediate family, and this blog is my aspirational journal of the life that I wish to more fully explore. It's also a way to chart how the work that I do in helping businesses craft and share their stories helps me fulfill my own goals.

So, even if you are a client or looking for information on starting a business, I encourage you to follow this blog. After all, as a business owner, I am on both a personal and professional journey. I want to share the ways that those journeys intersect and how I can help others seek their own freedom and connection.

Gallagher Family Reunion, July 2018: That's me in the corner. Photo by William Rose.

Gallagher Family Reunion, July 2018: That's me in the corner. Photo by William Rose.