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Storytelling for Business begins with...

In this ongoing blog series, I’m explaining how Storytelling is going to become the next trend in Business Skill development, and how can you develop those skills for the benefit of your enterprise.

In the previous blog, I wrote about how Storytelling was a more adaptive, responsive means of conveying your brand message, than 'Public Speaking’. Now, let’ s delve into the power of storytelling for business.

Storytelling for Business is a process. It will require time and energy to understand how to communicate, who your best audience is, learning how to engage and react and respond, and refining your brand message.

But it begins with your story.

Every business needs a Brand Narrative - a meaningful and marketable story. Your Brand Narrative will reflect your past journey and accomplishments, while setting new goals and future achievements.

Your Brand Narrative is carefully cultivated after first creating a personal story, then a business story, then forging the two together into your Narrative.

Once you have your Brand Narrative, you’re going to use it in the following ways:

  • In your website

  • On print materials

  • In social media and other marketing

  • At your storefront or location

  • To your employees, stock holders and consumers

You’re also going to use your Brand Narrative in writing or re-writing your Business Plan, your Marketing Plan, and all interoffice memos and materials.

As an example of a meaningful, marketable Brand Narrative, the following was created by Tiff Robertson of TNT Event and Marketing Management, in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

TNT Event and Marketing Management was created by Tiffani Robertson, an accomplished event facilitator in the Black Hills Region. TNT has overseen a host of events and functions throughout the region on behalf of our signature clients. We expanded to provide the benchmark production service desired by the region’s leaders. With over a decade of providing leadership on such events as the Black Hills Stock Show and Chamber of Commerce banquets along with specialty entertainment events, TNT Event and Marketing Management is the solution for your next event’s success. We will act as the conduit to facilitate every detail to ensure the overall success of your event. Founder Tiffani Robertson, a South Dakota cowgirl at heart, has the resources as well as the professional resume of leadership and management that your organization is looking for.
— TNT Event and Marketing Management
TNT Event and Marketing Management

Your Brand Narrative will also accomplish what TNT’s Brand Narrative does:

  • It tells the public who you are, what you do and what you want to be known for

  • It reflects your past accomplishments and achievements

  • It creates a blueprint for where your business can go

In fact, your Brand Narrative will inform you and all principals at your company, and point the way for all decisions you have to make toward your future success. Those decisions are part of the 14 key business development areas that all business owners must address, including:

  • Accountability: Who is going to be responsible for what

  • Branding: How the world sees you

  • Culture: What you accept and encourage, implementing your Values

  • Expenses: How you allocate funds

  • Growth: Your plans to expand

  • Leadership & Management: Setting an example

  • Marketing: How you promote your business

  • Metrics: How you know what’s working

  • Resources: What services & programs will help you grow

  • Revenues: The money coming in

  • Short & Long-Term Goals: Setting and Fulfilling

  • Support: Creating a Network

  • Tools: The little things that help us every day

  • Values: Creating your vision, Remembering who you are

It is only after your have your Brand Narrative that you can begin to share it, in large or small ways, at different mediums and in front of any audience. Are you ready to create your business Brand Narrative? Book your Blueprinting Your Business Narrative workshop today or watch for our upcoming downloadable video version, coming soon!

Lisa Ann Gallagher, Evergreen Script Services

Thank you!

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