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This Labor Day

The intuition-building exercise consisted of laying in bed in the morning and thinking about what you know, what you believe, and what you hope to be true. I needed to come up with one thing in each of those topics. Ideally, you would write them down in a journal. Then, at the end of the day, I would look back at my answers from the morning.

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Brand Management versus Marketing

Social Media Marketing is not done to gain business today. It’s for the future. It’s an investment in the kind of business and success you want to gain in six months or more down the road, and the kind of clients you want to be working with then.

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The Greatest Advice I Can Give (a blog not just for business owners)

Let yourself be defined not by an image or an ideal, but by the work you do and make it something you’re truly passionate about. I know that it’s hard for many people to survive off of their passion projects - the world is populated by the working class and working poor, just subsisting off of their ‘jobs’. I’m not telling anyone to quite a necessary income and start a freelance business. That’s a choice and a process that anyone would need to go through, with sound advice from good friends and trusted professionals.

But if you are going to start a business and you want to be successful, respected, even admired - start with doing what you are truly passionate about.

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The One Thing I Won't Do

A business plan will include a Market Analysis (to understand your competition and service/product need), the structuring of your Organization and Management (who will handle what), your Marketing Strategy (how you’re going to promote your business and brand) and your financial projections, along with any potential funding needs.

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My Own Brand Narrative Part 3

I continue to write and publish my own works. My fourth book - a novel about Detroit, sisters and organized crime - was published in June 2018. I provide a host of content on behalf of various clients here in the Black Hills and beyond. I also do some design work, and I continue to coach businesses and help them develop their own Narratives - showing them that their past experiences, connections and accomplishments can bring them closer to professional success.

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My Own Brand Narrative Part 2

I actually come from a long line of storytellers. I grew up with my parents and two younger sisters in the suburbs of Detroit.

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Personal Mythology in your Professional Narrative

Your personal journey, dreams, accomplishments and talents play a role in the future success of your business. A business owner who can identify what common threads exist between themselves and others will attract not only loyal customers but brand ambassadors, people who feel a sense of ownership in your story and your success.

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Storytelling for Business begins with...

Storytelling for Business is a process. It will require time and energy to understand how to communicate, who your best audience is, learning how to engage and react and respond, and refining your brand message.

But it begins with your story.

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